What is CodeDevelopr?

Welcome to CodeDevelopr. We set this blog up to post on a variety of Programming, web design, and web development topics as well as a place to simply post what’s on my mind or what I am into at the time (it’s usually code related as it consumes my life)

What is CodeDevelopr?
In addition to what we mentioned above. Just a sample of some of the topics our post may be on include… Full list can be found on the Roadmap page

PHP Language
Python Language
Ruby Language
C++ Language
C# Language
Phing (PHP build system)
GIT Source Control
Object Oriented Practices
Design Patterns
Random Code Snippets
Awesome Web services I have found useful
Amazing Software that you should know about
Good Books
Useful websites for Coders & Designers
What’s on my mind
Articles from Guest Coders/Developers/Programmers
…lots more to come
Navigate the site
To make it easier to find Articles, CodeDevelopr utilizes a tagging system, all articles are tagged with relevant tags.

  • Header has a Sidebar switcher, so you can choose to have the sidebar on the right or left side of the screen
  • Header has a Search box to search the database for specific terms
  • Header menu has Popular tag links
  • Sidebar has Popular tag links and a link to the archives page
  • Articles show Related Articles near the bottom

The header navigation menu will show links to the 15 most popular tags archives based on # of articles per tag. The sidebar also shows a recent topics list and a tag cloud of popular tags as well as a link to an archives page. In the header there is a Search box where you can search the site’s article database as well. Lastly, while viewing an article, there is a list of relevant Articles that you may be interested in.

Article Roadmap
I will keep an on-going Roadmap of Articles that I plan to publish eventually over time, you can view the Roadmap anytime here on the Roadmap page

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Can I write Articles for CodeDevelopr?
Definitely, if you would like to write an article or articles that fit into the topics described above, then we would love to publish your article if it is of quality, Just shoot me an email contact@codedevelopr.com and we can discuss it, I have final say in what gets published. As a guest author, you will have an Author box on each Article you publish, this Author box can share the following details about you…

Website URL
Google Plus Profile
Twitter Profile
Facebook Profile
Forrst Profile
Dribbble Profile
StackOverflow Profile
In addition to an Author box on the Article page there is an Author Page which has your Author box at the top of the page and list all articles you have wrote for CodeDevelopr.

As an added benefit, if you provide a Google Plus profile URL, you can add your Author page to your Google Plus profile and Google will pick up the authorship data in the Google search results.