Learn How to Code in No Time

learn how to codeIf you want to learn how to code.

Then you are in the right place.

This website exists to help you go from completely clueless to certified master coder.

And even though it might seem overwhelming right now, it’s actually pretty simple.

You only need to do 3 things.

First of all you have to pick the coding language you want to learn (don’t worry I’ll help you pick).

Then you have to have to start learning and practicing (I’ll show you the best courses below).

And last but not least you have to stick to it, until you are able to create the code you need (but if you follow my recommendations you’ll be creating your own code in no time).



Then let’s get started.

Choose the Right Coding Language to Learn

Your first decision when you want to learn how to code is what coding language to learn.

So what is your goal?

Different coding languages are used for different things. So when you know what your goal is, it’s easy to pick the right coding language to learn.

Here is a list of goals and appropriate coding languages (contact me if you have a goal that isn’t listed – then I’ll add it to the list):

GoalCoding Language
Develop Android appsJava & C++
Develop IPhone appsObjective C
Develop OS X appsObjective C
Develop static web pagesHTML & CSS
Make interactive web pagesJavascript
Add functionality to web sitesPHP
Develop WordPress web sitesPHP, SQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript
Develop 3D gamesC++
Do statistical analysisR
Manage databasesSQL
Easiest to learnPython
Highest average salaryJava
Most jobsSQL

Have you decided what programming language you want to learn?


Then follow the course recommendations for the specific language below (they are listed alphabetically).

Learn How to Code C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming language used to develop software, video games and Android apps.

Recommended C++ courses:

Learn How to Code CSS

CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) is used to create the styling of HTML elements and determines how they look.

Recommended CSS courses:

Learn How to Code HTML

HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard language for creating web pages.

Recommended HTML courses:

Learn How to Code Java

Java is a server-side interpreted compiled language, using a virtual machine. It’s one of the oldest programming languages on the web (developed in 1995). And it’s used to develop Android apps.

Recommended Java courses:

Learn How to Code Javascript

Javascript is a client-side scripting language. It’s embedded in most web browsers.

Recommended Javascript courses:

Learn How to Code Objective C

Objective C is an object oriented programming language used by Apple developers (both for IPhone and OS X apps).

Recommended Objective C courses:

Learn How to Code PHP

PHP is a server-side interpreted, non-compiled, scripting language. It can be written in HTML. Because the code is executed by the server, the results is displayed to the user as plain HTML.

Recommended PHP courses:

Learn How to Code Python

Python is a server-side interpreted, open-source, non-compiled, scripting language. It can be used as a standalone language or as part of another framework. And it can be used to build websites, software, games, graphic user interfaces and provide database access.

Recommended Python courses:

Learn How to Code R

R is a language used to do advanced statistical calculations and graphics.

Recommended R courses:

Learn How to Code SQL

SQL is not really a programming language, but a standard way to interact with and move information in and out of databases. MySQL is the most common tool used to interact with databases.

Recommended SQL courses: