Web Developer and Designer Social Network – If You Build It They Will Come

Below is a brief and limited outline of some of the sections and features of a Web Developer Social Network I am building.

Think of it as a Hybrid of:

  • Dribbble
  • Forrst
  • StackOverflow
  • Twitter

All combined into the ultimate Web Developer and Design Community!

At the bottom of the post I ask for your suggestions on a name for the community.

Web Developer and Designer Social Network Sections
  • User System
    • 3 types of accounts.
      • Personal Developer/Designer/Marketer personal account.
      • Business Business/Studio/Agency/etc Account.
      • Advertiser Advertiser Account (can only login to view and manage advertisements)
      • INVITE ONLY SYSTEM MUST BE INVITED BY ANOTHER USER.  User participation increases the number of invites you are given to give out!
    • Profile Show all your user info as well as recent blog posts, portfolio posts, Q&A posts, Activity feed, and more.
    • Signup/login with OAuth providers (Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and more)
    • Premium membership Recurring subscription for premium membership.
      • Advertisement free experience.
      • Unlock many features available to premium users only
      • more.
    • Friends/Followers
    • Settings panel
    • Badges and Reputation more details below
    • Portfolio   more details below
    • Blog more details below.
  • Profile User profile will have all usual data plus recent blog posts, stream posts, questions, portfolio items, and more.
  • Wall Feed Twitter style Feed to post links, comments, your projects and work to showcase what you are working on etc Your followers will be able to see your posts on there wall stream. just like Forrst used to do and liker Twitter and Facebook do but for Web Developers/Designs.
  • Portfolio Dribbble style portfolio to upload images with name and description as well as tagging and other optional fields.
  • Blog Every user can have a blog.  You can view a users blog with a direct URL or from there profile page.  They will have an option for each blog post to opt-in to having there post show up in the site blog section as a curated posts so if 100 ppl posts dev article and 70 opt in to share then the sites blog section would show the 70 articles.  To view the other 30 users articles you would have to view there blog directly or from there profile.
  • Groups Groups are communities within the broader community of the site.  A group will have a Userlist of other users who share interest or expertise and have joined the group.   A group profile page has a feed to show Related posts and bookmarks.   A group basically is the feed page except posts should be more related to the group topic and the users posting in this feed all belong to this group which usually means they have interest and/or expertise in the topic!  It would basically be what a Twitter Lists feed page looks like.
    • Example groups;
    • PHP
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Magento
    • SugarCRM
    • SEO
    • Marketing
    • U/X/UI (User experience and user interface)
    • etc.
  • Contests Participate in contests and challenges for Developers and Designers or create your own contest for others to compete in.  Cash prizes and more. If you create a contest, you set the cash prize amount and then you pay for it up front into escrow using your CC.  Once you select a winner, the winner will receive the cash prize.
  • Badges and Reputation Badges and reputation are earned from site participation and as badges are earned and rep increaes.  Features and capabilities and permissions are unlocked.  High ranked users govern the site and community.
  • Gamification Badges and point system just like StackExchange.
    • Visit everyday badge x consecutive days
    • Post Question with 1,000 views (just example)
  • Job Board Find Developer/Designer/Marketer type work or post a job listing.    Companies post listing might be charged a fee.  Free at first until grow larger.
  • Q&A Section like StackExchange sites
  • Bookmarks (PInboard integration) Similar to the Blog section, bookmarks will show a currated set of bookmarks from all community users who opt in but each user will be able to bookmark and organize there collection just like you can on a site like Pinboard!
  • Libraries This is just like the Bookmarks section in a way except it is for only actual Libraries which you can download and use in a project.  Bookmarks will link to libraries too but this section will not link to non library pages and bookmarks section can link to any page including tutorials or anything!.  PHP, CSS, and JS libraries organized by Tag, categories.  Shows name and description  as well as an image.
    • Tags
    • View/Click counter
    • Rating (allow user to update the library popularity by rating 1-10)
    • Comments
  • Message System (Email like message system just like Facebook messages to allow site internal messaging among users.)
  • Advertisements Non pro users will see paid ads in some places to generate site income.  If other revenue sources succeed this may be done away with if we can!