How to Make Money on Elance as a Freelancer

About a few months ago I made the decision to start doing Freelance work. I have been a Web Developer for over 12 years now but I have never done any kind of Freelance work on a regular basis. So I read hundreds of Articles, Books, and all sorts of tips and tricks. Covering everything from the best Contract to build, to building a good Portfolio and Online identity and of course how to find work. There are literally hundreds of job boards and sites to find work. The problem is, starting out, landing some of these jobs is no easy task. Im sure some of you can relate, it does not always matter how experienced or good you are.

I have also dabbled with some of the Freelance sites like Freelancer and ODesk,. They are not horrible and you can likely have similar success on them but I found success on
Elance. So I will try to explain some of the features of Elance.

Benefits of using Elance

  • Guaranteed Payment Elance has something they call Elance Hourly Work Guarantee. When a Contractor posts a project on the site as an hourly rate job, you then bid on an hourly rate. IF you win the bid, you will have the option to use the Elance Tracker program which install onto your computer. The program will upload a screenshot to the Elance site every 10 minutes or so. The client can view these images and any message you choose to post with it. If these images show you are doing work and not playing on Facebook, then you are guaranteed to get paid for that time. Not a bad deal!
  • Fixed rate Project In addition to the Hourly Rate projects I mentioned above, there is also the traditional Fixed rate project with Escrow. You can feel confident of payment as the client will place the funds into an Escrow account before you begin work.
  • Project Workroom Each project you win the bid on, will create a Project workroom. The workroom is a space on the site where you have a dedicated message interface with the client for communication as well as ability for both parties to upload and kind of files to share with each other. From the work room you can access all aspects of the project.
  • Work View is a tab in the work room which will show any screenshots and time sheets related to the Tracker program if you are doing n hourly rate project.
  • Milestones This is a great feature for larger projects. You can create Milestones for a project, if I have 5 Milestones on a large project, I can set it where I can have Escrow funds released to me at the completion of each Milestone. This is a brilliant idea and feature.
  • Profiles The profile is also a useful feature that can help you land projects. It has a section for a Description of you and your services, Job history, Ratings you receive from other projects completed and reviews, Portfolio, Groups you have joined, Employment history, Education, and Skills.
  • Skill Tests This is a cool feature. You can add related skill words like PHP, WordPress, etc You can rate yourself on these skills or you can take a skill test. When you take a test, it is usually a 40 minutes to 2 hour test for each skill. It will then show that you have taken the skill test and show your rating to the users. This is a great way to prove to clients that you actually know the skills that you claim to know. It also allows you to join Groups on the site once you pass skill tests. For example if you take the WordPress test and pass. You can then join the WordPress group.

How am I doing on Elance?

So far I have worked about 2 days and made over $500. That is more success then I have had on any other Freelance site and I am continuing to get jobs and make money.

Why you should use this link?

As a contractor on Elance, you start out with 15 Connects Per Month. A Connect is like a currency on the site that you pay to bid on a project. Projects under 500$ usually cost you 1 connect to post your bid. More expensive projects can cost 2-3 connects. So you can see connects will run out fast if you are serious about making money on here.

You can upgrade your account to get more connects per month, for 10$ a month you get 30 connects.

If you use this link Elance to sign up as a contractor on Elance you will actually get a bonus of 10 connects. You will start out with 10 FREE connects, for a total of 25 instead of 15 connects which means you can bid on more projects which will improve your chances of getting a job.

Try it out

If you are trying to do the Freelance thing and need a little push, I say go give it a try, use this link Elance and start out with a bonus of 10 connects.