FREE PHP Elephant Mascot

Thats right I am giving away the famous PHP Elephant Mascot! As a way to help spread the word about CodeDevelopr I will be giving away 1 or more stuffed PHP Elephants, better known as ElePHPants to 1 or 2 readers.

How do I Get The PHP Elephant?

Every proud PHP Developer should own at least one PHP Elephant for there home or work desk/office. The reality is they are pretty hard to come by. So when the chance comes to get one (or more), you better take it!

All you have to do is follow and share CodeDevelopr on your Social Media sites to help bring in new readers. Very simple.

The Reward

On August 30th I will randomly select 2 emails from my Email Newsletter List and verify they have done the 4 steps above and reward them with a Limited Stuffed PHP Elephant a $30 value.