Top 20 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create Great Blog in 2017

Blogging has advanced over the years and the number of bloggers has significantly increased. With these changes, there are new templates that are best for blogging. Not all themes are designed to fit the style that bloggers need. It will help you to carry out your extensive research before deciding which template to use.

Finding the best template can make blogging relatively easy and reduce the amount of work on your end. This list has 20 best free blogger templates. It was created after we conducted our own research. Start your blogging the right way in 2017 by using one of these free blogging templates in this article.



Boulevard is a perfect blogger template that comes with a complete package. The theme houses a perfect combination of excellent features and a design any blogger would die for! The best part is that it resounds for use by magazines, modern news sites, blogs, as well as all other forms of blogging.

Boulevard is built on the need of a perfect modern look, style, and professional look. This template will help to attract the targeted audience with grace and little effort. This makes it perfect for use by anyone with a minimal understanding of coding and PHP.

Boulevard is responsive and very SEO friendly. This theme comes to you already Ads Ready. All you have to do is set up your site, add items to the Dropdown Menu, supported by a clean layout and see your business come to life. Most importantly, there it is compatible across all browsers.


Duos Mag


This theme’s numerous features makes it excellent for magazines of all types. Not to mention that it is minimalist and simple. Duos Mag is an elegant blogger template. It comes with a 3D style and thus does not limit your creative juices. And with a WordPress Themes Looks, it will make your blogging life super easy. Unique to this theme is the Breadcrumbs Navigation system. Now if this does not make your blogging experience simple, then you should try the Tabbed Widget feature. It is excellent as it comes with both basic and advanced setup instructions.




Dubbed as the ultimate bloggers’ template, Global blogger template is clean and highly responsive. It corresponds with all types of blogging from personal to professional use. With the super advanced features, this is the ‘go to’ template for tutorial blog sites.

Additionally, all the required information comes with the online documentation. Also, Global is easy to install. It is thrilling because of the customizable feature that it comes with. You can change the template and make it whatever best pleases you.




This beautiful and responsive blogger theme that is created for fashion, travel, food and lifestyle bloggers comes with tools that you will find useful. This is a theme that houses readability above all else. If you are looking for a theme that highlights what you think to be important, then Elegantes is your theme.

The theme comes with a houseful of features. Additionally, Elegantes has extensively tested code. It has clean lines, making it easy to use. The layout, format, and design promote clear and conscience use of the space. Did I mention, it is compatible across 5 browsers? That being said, you can have a lot of users visiting from all browsers.




This template is similar to Cool Mag Blogger Template. However, it comes with its own unique features. Glamour Personal is excellent for Fashion, Personal blog, Lifestyle and OOTD amongst others. What this theme promises is a website that is glamorous enough to attract visitors. Moreover, there is a cool layout that will help you display your products in a way that makes them appealing. It is ideal for creating an appealing fashion based blog.

One of the most amazing things. This theme gives you an option of building a new website from scratch. Alternatively, you can choose to revamp your existing website. Since it is user-friendly, you can do everything by yourself in very little time. This elegant design embedded template has an automation feature. This means that most of your activities can be done automatically.


Neue Material Design


If you are looking for a template that has an updated look suitable for modern ideas then Neue Material Design is here for you. The template carries some most mesmerizing design that enables it to present an aspiring design concept. The reader is likely to get their feet swept with the template’s meaningful animations that come in bright colors.

This is a fast loading theme that presents a responsive design and material design ripple effect. Neue comes with already added sharing buttons and a designed comment section. If you like videos to be part of what you are displaying, Neue gives you responsive video applications such as YouTube and Vimeo.


Johny Cassia


Clean and responsive template suitable for blogging. Specifically designed for all kind of blogging including niche blog, advertising blog, creative, personal, as well as the magazine. This is a fully responsive design that comes tagged with auto author image, newsletter subscription, documentation. Johny Cassia is compatible with the majority of the browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari. No need to be skeptical of getting lost during its installation as the theme comes with a detailed guide. Moreover, the support is always ready to provide assistance.


Better Mag


A free theme for blogging from that comes ready for installation. Better Mag comes clean and easily customizable. With its elegant look, the theme produces a responsive design and a beautifully designed slider that captures your visitors’ view. Although specifically crafted for blogging, the superb flexibility permits you to develop a website for any use. Your creativity is not limited to this theme as it comes with a great number of features and the ability to add extensions for better look and performance of your website.


Johny Darkfire


A template designed for blogging with an amazing dark look in it. Where there is fire, be sure something burns. Johny Darkfire provides that look which everyone is looking for, arousing excitement when enthusiasm in its users. This is a standalone template that with a sophisticated design that comes with a 3 column footer, content slider, dropdown menu, as well as a right sidebar. For a template that is free, it’s more than enough to mention its responsiveness design.




As the name suggests, this template is suitable for the tech-minded individual. Tech Blog provides a great platform for amazing SEO with elegant appearance. The theme is crafted for you to showcase your content at ease and make your visitor’s experience an amazing one. This is a modern theme that strives to provide a unique perspective of your blogging to your visitors. The free Tech Blog theme comes attached with features such as a responsive design, as well as user-friendly interface. This is one theme that can fit into any screen size without experiencing any visual jerks.




BlogMag comes with a responsive layout set for individual in search of a simple and clean template. This is a theme that can turn your website into a sophisticated user-friendly platform. The theme comes with good documentation, auto resizes thumbnail image, ready Ads, as well as an Auto author image. Moreover, tagged along the theme are newsletter subscription feature, professional design for the admin which enhance easy task with blog design.




The Manshet theme is suitable for blogging and delivers a suitable environment for your visitors to hang around. This is a theme that is compatible with most of the major browsers such as Safari, Google, and IE8+. With its modern look, Manshet guarantees to provide food for eyes to your audience. Tagged with a 2 comment system namely Facebook and blogger, Manshet present a great list of features. Unlimited colors allow you to customize the theme to your best look. Manshet also enhances your website chances of being found out there with its advanced search engine optimization.




Who said simple is not associated with beauty? Linezap gives your website that impeccable look and enhances customer experience with its user-friendly interface. With a responsive layout and auto resize thumbnail image, you can come up with a website that can fit in any screen size without lagging. The sophisticated look is accompanied by a tabbed menu and well documentation. Do you want to work simple? Linezap provides a professional admin design that enables a blog design for easy work.




What is a magazine website without style? Extremis is there to make your website extremely beautiful. With a responsive design, be assured that no visual jerks are to be experienced as it fits in any screen size at ease. The multi-author feature makes it a possibility for your website to have more than one admin. Make the theme look the way you want it to by taking advantage of its unlimited colors. Make your website professional by acquiring this user-friendly theme.




Clean, highly responsive design, and user-friendly theme that caters for SEO optimized magazine blog. Ares comes with a tagged menu and unlimited colors. Moreover, features such as related posts support and well documentation are available. The look that this theme provides to your website will enhance your visitor’s experience.

Furthermore, Ares keeps on getting updated regularly. This means your 207 websites will be kept alive. Also, note that this theme has a lot of magnificent features. All features can be used whichever way you please. Not only will your website look beautiful but also professional due to the Ares’ simple design.




An elegant theme for blogging that showcase your material with minimal effort. Realmag is a clean theme that has a responsive design and can fit in any screen size without experiencing any visual difficulties. The theme responds fast and has a fast page loading. Also, tagged along the theme is its user-friendly interface. The former permits your visitors to have it easy moving around your website.


Life Fashion


Life Fashion is among the best as it comes with an amazing list of features. The theme suits individuals looking for a modern fashion theme to delve into the fashion industry of blogging with. Tailored to make your website look professional and engaging, the theme gives its users a marvelous experience. Setup for compatibility with major browsers such as Goggle, Safari, as well as Mozilla, Life Fashion present a responsive design that fit into any screen size. Moreover, features such as well documentation, tabbed menu, as well as professional admin layout enhance the theme for better functioning.




Ideal for bloggers, 2016 provides the best user experience. Built to enhance creativity, the theme provides a great atmosphere to showcase your creativity. With this theme, you can tailor your website into anything that satisfies you. 2016 comes with unlimited colors and a highly responsive design, making the theme compatible with any browser.

In addition, the theme is user-friendly, making it no task for your clients to operate it. The provision of SEO optimization feature presents an added advantage for your site in search engines. Although this theme has a name of a year, it has strong features that will keep it applicable for use in 2017 and beyond.




A user-friendly theme that comes with its own shortcodes. Minimalist does not need any skill to install. With just a click, your website will be up and running in no time. One of the flexible themes out there that gives you the opportunity to edit it. The theme comes with a good documentation, responsive design, SEO optimization, and a tabbed menu. You don’t have to worry about updates as the theme comes set for a free automatic update. Setup can easily be done with the help of a guide.

Minimalist actually has all the tools that are necessary for you to set up a website and get it running. This theme does not require an expert or coding wizards. It is simple and comes with all documentation.




Highly responsive theme that comes with amazing features. The fast and smooth Rosemary theme give its users an immaculate experience. It comes ready for installation, requiring no tech skills to install it. Rosemary comes with a free lifetime template update. The former entails an always up to date website post-installation.

For a theme that comes at no cost, Rosemary delivers a responsive layout, fast loading page, simple and easy to use layout. As a blogger, enhancing your website chances of being found is a priority. Rosemary comes tagged with an SEO optimization feature that helps your website get recognized by the search engines.