Top 10 Premium & Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress in 2017

Consumers of nowadays rely on their social circles to see new trends and what might work for them. That being said, you will need to make sure that your site has a fast loading, premium social sharing plugin to bear the traffic. This list has 11 excellent premium social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Good news, these plugins are free and modern to be used in 2017. To ease your skepticism, these plugins were selected with the help of consumer reviews. Go through the list and find a social sharing plugin that will help you send that message to your targeted audience.



Monarch plugin gives you the best way of sharing your content to another social website(s). This plugin is designed to take your sharing experience to another level. Monarch promotes an inclined sharing, better design that merges with your website smoothly. Moreover, the plugin provides more location and is lightning fast. Social sharing promotes your business, thus Monarch gives your website a kick that you need with its amazing features. The plugins present over 20 social networks for you to select from. You have the capacity to add and arrange other available networks.


Social Warfare


Looking to increase social sharing on your website? Then, here is the best plugin for social sharing that can lift your website to higher levels. Social Warfare is the best tool to use if you want to promote traffic on your website. The plugin adds a button that blends well with the website and is lightning fast.

The plugin boosts your website without slowing it down and presents a widget that shows your popular posts. This is a theme that present social powers on a silver plate. Easily recognizable by the visitors on your website and works like a charm.


Social Share & Locker Pro


Considered the best WordPress plugin for social sharing. The plugin was crafted to cover all the requirements and deliver more shares to your website. The plugin brings a variety of button options that include the follower’s buttons, different display, as well as multiple sharing buttons.

Social Share & Locker Pro is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Jigoshop, WP eCommerce and much more. It strives under browsers such as Google, Safari, as well as Opera. There is no limitation with this plugins. Its ability to enhance the beauty of your website at the same time connecting it to the social networks world is impeccable.




Specifically designed for Twitter, the plugin’s mission is to drive traffic to your website. Regardless the number of followers that you have, the plugin is here to help you get your visitors twitting your content. There is no better way of getting your website known in the world of twitting than this. Your content’s weight lies on how you are going to deliver it. Creativity is what make Tweetdis an outstanding plugin to deliver your content and earn more retweets than ever before.


Easy Social Metrics Pro


This is the best plugin for monitoring your content’s performance on social networks. Easy Social Metrics Pro comes with amazing features such as the periodical report of your content performance. It analyzes and monitors any content on social media related to your website. Provides informed reports that help you understand where to improve by comparing reports.

The plugin has a powerful admin dashboard that let select your social shares according to their dates, social network, as well as popular posts. You may have the shares that you are looking for, but this plugin helps you keep them running. It’s easy to fall when you are up, thus it is Easy Social Metrics Pro’s duty to keep you on top.




Simple words can define this plugin, ‘it looks good.’ Flow-Flow is a WordPress social stream plugin that displays features in an immaculate manner. It carries filters and a live search feature. With this plugin, you are able to combine social feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and place them on one grid. The plugin is lightning fast and delivers the content without experiencing any loading lags.  The plugin is essential when your website is experiencing heavy traffic as it performs like a charm even under such circumstances.


Social Network Tabs


The Social Network Tabs plugin comes with a detailed guide on how to Install and run in no time. The plugin is also accompanied by the necessary settings. It is ideal for use on Twitter and LinkedIn. Unlike other plugins, you can choose whether or not to display this plugin. It comes with CAS and Styling thus making it customizable. With this plugin, you are guaranteed a steady follow from social media platforms.


Simple Share Buttons Adder


The Simple Share Buttons Adder is the number one choice for sharing your pages and/or posts. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is add share buttons to all your posts. It is up to your users to understand and use the share button the right way.

As a WordPress user, it won’t be difficult to understand and use the button. This is because its instructions are built for WordPress users. However, just in case it proves a little hard to get started, you can always refer to the explanatory documentation that comes with the plugin.


SumoMe Share


SumoMe Share plugin is an automatic plugin. It does not require your help, not even in the least of ways. This plugin can be installed into any WordPress theme without the need of coding knowledge. It comes with simple codes and can be used by just about anyone. All you have to do is download the plugin. Follow the instructions to upload and install it into your website.

Once installed, this theme will help build traffic for your site. Since it comes with a list builder, it will automatically increase your mailing list by up to 20%/day. SumoMe has other tools and they are all there to help grow your site. The other tools include heat maps, Google analytics, share and content analytics.


Social Locker


Ultimate Social Deux by the visual composer is a smart plugin. It has multiple functions, thus qualifying as ‘must have.’ The plugin has WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, Exchange and other plugins integrated. The plugin is clean on the front and back ends. Also, with 20 social network sharing buttons, it might just be the one to solve your social media deficiencies. The plugin houses quite a number of functions.

It is easy to implement Ultimate Social Deux into any blog or business website. The plugin promises a steady stream of followers. Another feature that must be mentioned is perhaps the plugin’s excellent coding. For anyone with basic WordPress knowledge, installing and using the plugin is not a challenge