Magento Update Order Status, Order Tags, and Send Customer Notifications Programmatically

Below is a code snippet to do just as the title of this article suggests. Update order status, order tags, and send customer notifications programmatically in Magento.

As you may know I’m learning Magento devlopment. And my employer recently needed to do just this operation outside of a Magento Module and outside of the Magento Admin panel. This allows for employees to use our custom application to quickly update an orders status as the product moves down the assembly line so to speak. We are even going to go a step further an implement some sort of Barcode or QR Code system to automate this process even further to update Order Status as the product moves from one section of the factory to the next. We are dealing with a product that we are manufacturing but this code can come in handy for anyone regardless of product being used I’m sure.

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