GitList is a Self Hosted PHP Git Repository Browser Similar to GitHub

If you are a Developer/Programmer, you LOVE <3 GitHub. Its just the way it is.

But wait, what if I told you, you could self host a free open source PHP Git repo browser that is very similar in its basic form to GitHub. Sure it doesn’t have ALL the fancy features, or the social coding aspect. But thats not what its meant for! It a Git Repo Browser.

You get to browse a Git Repository and view commits, file changes, history, all the good stuff that isnt so easy to view in the Terminal window.

I am a HUGE long time fan of GitHub. It truly is the most amazing online service to come around in the past 5-6 years for us Developers and Programmers that has totally changed the way we work, share code, and contribute to projects. Of course some could argue that Git is the real hero here and that may be true to some extent but I said online service.

Now my biggest pet peeve with GitHub is I often prefer to self host projects and applications and feel like I really own it. Maybe its abnormal but its just how I feel about it. I still use Github everyday of my life but I am very happy that there is a Free Open Source GitHub Influenced Git Repository Browser built in my web language of choicedrumroll.PHP!

Its called GitList Git Repo Browser

GitList Features

  • Multiple repository support
  • Multiple branch support
  • Multiple tag support
  • Commit history, blame, diff
  • RSS feeds
  • Git Repo Code Search
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Repository statistics
  • Browse Git Branches
  • Browse Git Tags
  • View Commit History
  • File History
  • View File Differences between commits!!!!!
  • View code differences between Branches and tags
  • Download .zip and .tar files of a repo
  • Parse Markdown files
  • Open Source
  • Built in PHP
  • Uses Composer for Dependency Management
  • Porject on GitHub

GitList Features in Screenshots

Get it today!


  • Git
  • Apache with mod_rewrite enabled or Nginx
  • PHP 5.3.3+

GitList Website:

GitHub Project Page: