Community Looking for Expert JavaScript Developer to Update X-Editable jQuery Library Project

What is X-Editable jQuery Library?

Its amazing is what it is! In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery. This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (Bootstrap, jQuery-UI, or just jQuery only) and includes both popup and inline modes.

X-Editable can allow quick and easy inline editing capability to all these types of fields:
More information in the X-Editable Documentation

  • Text Input Field
  • Textarea Input Field
  • Select Dropdown Field
  • Date Field
  • DateTime Field
  • DateUI
  • Combo Date
  • HTML5 Types:
    • Password
    • Email
    • URL
    • Tel
    • Number
    • Range
    • Time
  • Checklists (checkboxes)
  • WYSIHTML5 Field
  • TypeAhead Field (Twitter Bootstrap 2 typeahead)
  • TypeAheadJS Field (Twitter Typeahead mainly replacement of typeahead in Bootstrap 3.)
  • Select2 Field (Select2 jQuery Library)

Other Features of X-Editable

  • popup and inline modes
  • All the field types listed above supported
  • AJAX loading of selection field data
  • AJAX Saving of selected and entered data to the server!
  • client-side and server-side validation
  • customizible container placement
  • toggle by click, dblclick or manually
  • keyboard support (escape/enter/tab)
  • works in IE7+ and all modern browsers
  • unit tested
  • live events

Full demos below:

X-Editable needs a JavaScript Expert to help update it

Thats right. The amazing jQuery library X-Editable built by Vitaliy Potapov is in need of some loving and attention (work) from a real JavaScript expert.

Unfortunately Vitaliy has other things going on and is no longer able to maintain the project and work on it. Here are his actual words on the Project GitHub page

The project already has some amazing functionality and is used by thousands of users and is just a great contribution to the Web Development community. However as great as it is, its aging and needs some work to be able to keep up with some of it;s dependencies. For example I have had a lot of trouble trying to get AJAX loading and also changing the templating output when using the Select2 library with X-Editable. There are plenty of little issues that could be addressed if someone took over work on the project.

Some quick stats for the X-Editable GitHub page:

  • 280 people watching the project for updates
  • 4,230 people have the project starred
  • 739 people have forked the project!
  • 380 open issues
  • Last code update to the library, 2 years ago Nov 4, 2013 =(

Are you possibly interested in working on this great project and contributing to the community of your fellow Web Developers?

Hundreds of developers, if not more are using this library and rely on it daily. It;s very important that we keep this project alive now and dont simply let it die. Many of us have discussed even putting our money together to pay a JavaScript Expert to update the library or are even willing to pay a yearly fee to someone who can keep it updated all the time and allow us to have updated versions sort of as a licensing fee to have the most up to date versions. That is how bad we all want this project to live on!

Are you an Expert level JavaScript Developer that is interested?

If this project interests you and you have the skills to maintain and update it on an on-going basis. Then PLEEEEASE contact me and hopefully we can get the ball rolling as it seems to be rolling down hill at the moment which is sad since so many people rely on this library daily for there projects to function =(

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