Article Roadmap

What the heck is an Article Road-map?
Well honestly, I have never seen or heard of one before, but I have so many things I have wanted to blog about over the past few years and I didn’t have a blog. That is until now, so this Road-map will serve as a list of topics I plan to cover eventually. I always think of things I want to blog about but then forget by the time I get around to it, so this will allow me to keep an on-going list and eventually I will get to it. This list will improve over time as well, and many of these topics are very broad and will consist of sub-topics. Follow our RSS Feed to stay updated when we post new Articles!

The List:
Object Oriented PHP
PHP5 Namespaces
Image optimization with command line tools
Phing build scripts (PHP)
PHP Templating
Javascript Templating
Git Source Control
MVC Pattern
QR Images
Multi-language Apps
CLI tools with PHP
Good Programming books
Useful Programming Software
Useful websites for Coders & Designers
Useful Software
Python Sublimetext2 Plugins
CSS Sprites
Javascript Funtions and Objects
HTTP Headers
High Performance Websites
High Performance mySQL Databases
Mongo Database
Custom Frameworks
Advanced WordPress hacks
SEO Tips and Tricks
Data URI Images
Less for CSS
Markdown markup language
PHP Language
Python Language
Ruby Language
C++ Language
C# Language
Random Code Snippets